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with custom training plans designed for you and your event.

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  • Smarter Training Plans Smarter Plans
  • Safe Training Plans Fewer Injuries
  • Successful Training Plans better results

The CTP Difference

Custom Training Plans are designed around you and your race. We take into account variables that no other training plans can match, because we know how important it is to achieve your specific race day goals.

  • Expert Training Plans

    expert plans

    Developed by certified coaches with time-tested results.

  • Runner Specific Training Plans

    Runner Specific

    We know you’re unique. Your training plan should match.

  • Race Specific Training Plans

    race Specific

    Race profile, time of year, and altitude all factor into our plans.

  • Affordable Training Plans


    Custom plans shouldn’t cost more than the race itself.

Free Training Plans

We know there are hundreds of free plans out there, but the truth is: they’re not made for you. They’re generic, not race specific, and worst of all, they cause up to 80% of runners to suffer training-related injuries.

On the opposite end is 1:1 coaching. While safer, it can also cost hundreds of dollars per month and includes complicated and time-consuming commitments that most runners don’t need to accomplish their goals.

Enter CTP with exactly what you need: the customization and detail of coaching at a price closer to free.

Race Training Plans

How it works

  1. Complete our proprietary runner questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
  2. Your custom plan is built based advanced analytics with personalized coaching oversight.
  3. Receive your custom plan, lifting + mobility guide, a letter from our coaches, and more within 24 hours.
  4. Finish your race with confidence.
get started | $19.99

Our method

  1. Certified Coaches

    With the expertise of USATF certified coaches and physical therapists, we built an advanced model to weigh the effects of specific variables on training outcomes.

  2. Custom Race Profile

    We analyzed unique characteristics of hundreds of races across the country to build a “race profile” into our model that accounts for elevation gain, altitude, time of year, and more.

  3. Our model generates a unique training plan for you and your race, and all plans are reviewed by a coach and hand-tweaked before they make their way to our runners.

“Your training plan totally worked. I’ve wanted to run this race for years, signed up multiple times, but was never able to train properly. This year with your plan I did it! Not super fast but I ran the whole way and my pace was actually better than I was expecting.”

Sarah K. – Seattle

“As a first timer half marathoner, I didn’t know what to expect when I began training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. CTP helped me ease into my training regiment and built me up to a point where I felt confident at the starting line on race day.”

Cheryl D. – Queens

“I am an Atlanta native, and each year I would cheer the runners on in the Peachtree Road Race. This year, I decided it was time for me to be a participant and not just a spectator. Thanks to Custom Training Plans, I was able to cross the finish line on July 4th. It was an accomplishment I won’t soon forget.”

Cliff R. – Atlanta

“Thank you CTP! With your plans I was able to shatter my goal of a sub 4 hour Chicago Marathon. The plan prepared me for the distance, but also for the race, which was as fast and flat as I imagined.”

John B. – Indianapolis

“I ran the NYC marathon in 5 hours and couldn’t have done it without Custom Training Plans. I followed it to a "T" last year and was strong and confident on race day.”

Colleen K. – New York City
Training Plan Testimonials