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Our 10 Mile Training Plans

Custom Training Plans are designed around you and your 10 miler. We take into account variables that no other training plans can match because we know how important it is to achieve your specific 10 mile training goals.

We provide the customization of coaching at a price closer to free. Don’t get injured with a generic 10 mile plan that isn’t made for you, get a custom 10 mile training plan!

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    Developed by certified coaches with time-tested results.

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    Runner Specific

    We know you’re unique. Your 10 mile training plan should match.

  • Race Specific Training Plans

    race Specific

    Race profile, time of year, and altitude all factor into our 10 mile plans.

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    Custom 10 mile plans shouldn’t cost more than the race itself.

About 10 Mile
Training Plans

Falling right between the 12K and half marathon distances, 10 mile races are swiftly gaining popularity in the United States. Finishing a 10 mile race is a notable achievement for any runner, whether you’re stepping up your distance from the 12K or chasing a new level of fitness by choosing a 10 mile race as your very first running event. At Custom Training Plans, we know how important it is to follow a 10 mile training plan that addresses your fitness, your goals, and even prepares you for the course itself.

10 Mile Training Plans

When you’re seeking a new training plan, there are several elements you should look for. Of course, it should be personalized. But what should a personalized plan include? It should be about more than just a distance chart and rest days. As a runner, you already know that proper prep leads to great race days. That’s why you deserve a detailed daily plan that includes strength training, mobility workouts, motivational content, and more.

Opting for a DIY approach to training for a 10 mile race can lead to unintended consequences for novice and experienced runners alike. New runners and athletes returning to the sport after injury or an extended break are especially prone to overtraining, particularly when using a plan that’s cobbled together from generic online 10 mile training plans. For accomplished runners and more advanced racers, a free plan can leave you hanging — even if you followed it to the letter. Average plans found online are designed for average racers, and CTP believes in offering runners 12-week 10 mile training plans and 20-week couch-to-10 mile training plans that go above and beyond.

By providing runners with the types of customization that can maximize their benefits, Custom Training Plans can help you reach the finish line feeling your best. We offer so much more than just a mileage schedule — we take a full-body approach to 10 mile race prep. Our professionally developed programs can guide you from Day 1 of training to the finish line of your race, whether you’re running a local 10 mile race or planning to travel to D.C. to take part in the Army Ten-Miler. Check out the many advantages of choosing a Custom Training Plans 12-week 10 mile training program or a 20-week couch-to-10-mile training program below.


How to run a faster 10 mile race

Runners who already have racing experience may not think that a 10 mile training plan could benefit them, but it can! In fact, runners with a great deal of experience often benefit most from using a custom training plan for 10 mile races. For example, if your goals include reaching the podium in a prestigious 10 mile race, a training regimen designed by Custom Training Plans can help you get there. But we don’t cater only to the needs of advanced runners — if you’re a newbie to the 10 mile distance, we can help you get off the couch with a custom 10 mile training plan that gets you running in as little as 20 weeks. 

Custom Training Plans takes into account a variety of factors when creating your plan. We use information about your running style and race goals to build a custom 10 mile training plan. CTP uses advanced analytics and the experienced eye of a professional trainer in order to ensure your 10 mile running training plan is tailored just for you. Your custom plan includes a detailed daily plan that moves you toward your goals. With lift and mobility workouts, a personalized pace chart and RPE chart, and access to digital resources, your plan will take you through the entire process of training for a 10 mile race.


How long should I train for a 10 mile race?

Training for any race is a completely unique experience that should be personalized for every individual. One factor that will play into how long your 10 mile training plan should be is your current fitness level. While an athlete with a strong foundation in running and racing will be able to start training at a higher intensity than someone who’s new to the sport, you still need to avoid overtraining. Instead of maxing out your capacity with a 10-week 10 mile training plan or 8-week 10 mile training plan, follow a program that’s calibrated to help you attain maximum results on race day. Our 12-week 10 mile training plans are geared toward intermediate and advanced runners, building on existing strength and speed gradually.

For new runners, preparing for a 10 mile race for the first time can seem overwhelming, especially when you may not be ready to meet even the demands of the first workout. Trying to kick off your training at that level of intensity is one of the surest paths to burnout and injury. At Custom Training Plans, we understand what it’s like to start from scratch. For example, CTP’s 20-week couch-to-10 mile training plans are designed to build up your overall fitness first. Eight weeks of conditioning work help you establish a strong foundation to focus on the rest of your 10 mile training plan.


Your 10 mile race experience depends on more than just mileage

Successfully finishing a 10 mile race relies on your overall fitness, not just your ability to run 10 miles. Athletes who rely on a cut-and-paste training plan that’s based entirely on mileage miss out on the benefits of training plans that are designed to help them make real progress. Using a mileage-based plan that doesn’t address your current condition may not provide you with the intensity you need to stay motivated, and under- or overtraining is one of the most common reasons that runners give up on their 10 mile training plan. At Custom Training Plans, we sought to solve this problem with 10 mile training plans that offer you a well-rounded approach to training. Each workout is customized to your needs, helping you to stay engaged using a variety of running workouts, cross-training, and more.

Experienced athletes and novice runners likely have different goals for their 10 mile races as well.  CTP’s 12-week 10 mile training plans and 20-week 10 mile training plans can be personalized to your goals. Whether you’re an experienced runner looking to cut your mile splits or you’re a new runner simply hoping to finish your race, each comprehensive training plan from CTP can be tailored to fit your goals.

Following a complete 10 mile training plan means getting expert guidance on your workouts too. Are you wondering why you’re running intervals today? Are you looking for new cross-training suggestions? Each of Custom Training Plans’ personalized training schedules are developed with professional athletic trainers, so you’ll receive insight into the whys and hows of each workout. CTP’s personalized plans include a letter from your coach, a weekly email, and access to a podcast that will keep you in the know about training.


CTP’s 10 mile training plans offer you more

The heart of a successful 10 mile training plan is running workouts with just the right level of challenge. We create 12- and 20- week 10 mile training plans that feature fun, yet purposeful runs. If you are preparing for a major race like the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, you can receive a training plan that’s calibrated to prepare you for the course itself. For example, the Broad Street Run plan coaches you to pace yourself on the flat course so you don’t tire yourself out in the first half. Training plans for race courses with more elevation changes, such as the Twin Cities Marathon’s 10-Mile event, will include additional hill work. All race-specific and distance-specific plans are able to be customized to help you conquer any race’s terrain.

In addition to the course, Custom Training Plans’ race-specific 10-mile training programs give you information on the weather conditions you’ll likely face at the start. For instance, the Army Ten-Miler and the TC Marathon’s 10-Mile race are run in the autumn, which have the chance to produce perfect running weather or cold, rainy race days. Because running in lower temperatures can help to increase your speed, your CTP 12-week 10 mile training plan or 20-week 10 mile training plan will take this into account. Similarly, if you’re running a local 10 mile race in a place that’s known for its heat, your training program can be adjusted to raise your endurance and speed to deliver a performance that’s in line with your typical pace.

The best 20-week 10 mile training plans and 12-week 10 mile training plans will also include guidance on other kinds of physical training. To establish a solid foundation of overall fitness, Custom Training Plans’ 10 mile programs get you moving with cross-training, mobility exercises, and strength training workouts. Cross-training increases your cardiovascular strength, and you have the choice of a variety of activities — think cycling, swimming, a brisk walk, or rowing. Mobility exercises like stretching and yoga are great for relieving sore muscles and increasing your range of motion. Strength training workouts like weight lifting and bodyweight resistance exercises can help build stability in your joints and provide you with additional power during your race. And of course, we include rest days that give you a chance to relax and your body a chance to recover from training.


Discover what a customized 10 mile training plans from CTP can do for you

Personalized 10 mile training plans are ideal for runners of all abilities, from people who are brand-new to running to seasoned athletes. The 20-week 10 mile training programs cater to new runners and provide a thorough, effective plan that gives the guidance you need to arrive at the finish feeling your best. Those who are 10 mile enthusiasts can receive a customized 12-week 10 mile training plan that can help you reach for your goals, whether that’s breaking 1:15 or dropping your mile splits by 30 seconds. Every one of our training programs can be customized specifically to meet your needs.

Thousands of runners cross the finish lines of 10 mile races all over the world each year, and a program from Custom Training Plans can help you become one of them. Our mission is to share our enthusiasm for running with athletes of all abilities, so each of our plans can be customized to fit you. No more feeling guilty for skipping a workout or too sore to complete tomorrow’s — each workout’s intensity is dialed in to your fitness level. We work together with athletic trainers to provide all runners with a well-rounded 10 mile program. From those working up to a 10 mile distance with a 20-week couch-to-10-mile training program to 12-week 10 mile training plans for experienced racers looking to achieve new target times, CTP can provide you with a coaching program that’s made just for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of preparing for your next race with Custom Training Plans, get started with your own 10 mile training program today.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your plan package:

  • Daily Plans


  • Pace Chart

    Pace chart

  • Lift Workouts

    Lift workouts

  • Coaching Letter

    Letter from your coach

  • Mobility Workouts

    Mobility workouts

  • RPE Chart

    RPE chart

  • Running Podcast


  • Motivational Emails

    Weekly motivation email

How Training Plans Work

How it works

  1. Complete our proprietary runner questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
  2. Your custom 10 Mile Training Plan is built based advanced analytics with personalized coaching oversight.
  3. Receive your custom 10 Mile Training Plan, lifting + mobility guide, a letter from our coaches, and more within 24 hours.
  4. Finish the 10 Mile Training Plan with confidence.

Our method

  1. Certified Coaches

    With the expertise of USATF certified coaches and physical therapists, we built an advanced model to weigh the effects of runner-specific variables on training outcomes.

  2. Custom Race Profile

    We analyzed unique characteristics of hundreds of races across the country to build a “race profile” into our model that accounts for elevation gain, altitude, time of year, and more.

  3. Training Plan Model

    Our model generates a unique training plan for you and your race, and all plans are reviewed by a coach and hand-tweaked before they make their way to you.