About CTP

Our Vision and Mission

our vision & mission

We endeavor to help people achieve their goals with confidence. Races are an allegory for life—there is struggle, perseverance, accomplishment, and ultimately meaning in the event and the training that leads up to it.

Completing a race isn’t just for athletes, it’s for everyone. With Custom Training Plans, we will help get you to the finish line for your first race or your hundredth. You can do it; we have your back!

Why did we start CTP?

There are two ends in the spectrum of training plans. One of these ends is the free training plan. It’s not customized in any way, devoid of relevant and important details, and typically lacking in quality. The other end is 1:1 coaching. It’s very expensive, uses words like fartlek and lactate thresholds that scare off beginners, and typically require biometric inputs that further complicate the matter.

In between is, shall we say, a marathon’s worth of empty space. No one has properly filled the massive gap between the two, until CTP. We believe plans should be customized for the runner AND the race. There is a big difference between a total beginner runner and a 5x marathon finisher. There is also a big difference between the pancake flat Chicago Marathon run in the fall and the relentlessly hilly Boston Marathon run in the spring.

We try to distill the attributes that matter to achieving your race goals so you can focus on giving it your all. And we try to do it in the most cost-effective way possible, so your wallet is as happy as you are during a runner’s high.

Who should use CTP?

50% of runners in any given race are running their very first race. We at CTP remember that feeling – the should I do it, should I not, or can I even do it (you can, you definitely can)? The anxiety in the days leading up to the race, the nerves coursing through you at the starting line, and the sheer exhilaration when you cross the finish line. If you are a first timer, we are here for you. Consider us your north star that believes in you and is persistently focused on getting you to your goal, even in those early days when the race seems like it’s ages in the future.

For all the intermediate and advanced runners, we love that you love running. And that maybe it’s not just about the running, but the focus, the freedom, the joy in the pain, the addiction. We know you and we know what PRs and negative splits mean to you. We know bragging rights aren’t really bragging. And most of all, we know you have it in you.

Wherever you fit in the world of running, we’re here, pushing right alongside you. All of our training plans are built with the strength and direction you need to cross the finish line.

Why we’re different

It’s overwhelming to sift through training plans and coaches to understand what’s right for you and your upcoming race (trust us, we used to do it too). The truth is, most plans you’ll see out there simply play to the average person. When’s the last time you felt just average? And a better question, what does average even mean for a runner when there are so many variables at play. Think about all the unique characteristics about your training – the time you have to train, where you’re training, what type of climate you’ll be racing in, what are your other commitments. These are just some of the attributes that our training plans account for. We move away from “average” and closer to you. We use the power of data and algorithm predictability, to mimic the attention of a 1:1 coach so you can have all these customizations without the high price tag.

Sure, there are coaches that will send you a 5 page questionnaire to build a plan for you, but we question how much some of those questions even matter or how they can better help get you to your goal. And let’s not forget, those plans come at a cost, sometimes up to 5x the price of registering for the race! We at CPT believe we’ve found the goldilocks zone, asking you the questions that matter for your race of choice and not charging you the cost of a new pair of running shoes to help you achieve your goal.

Why Use
Race-Specific Attributes?

All races are not created equal. From terrain, to season, to road surface, each of these variables can make a huge difference on race day. Your training plan should help you prepare for more than just the distance of your race, it should help you prepare for your actual, unique race. Currently no other plans on the market take these important variables into account. At CTP, we think this is a game-changer and are proud to include race-specific attributes in your training plan.

CTP vs Personal Training

It depends what you are looking for and your budget. For the vast majority of people, private coaching is overkill. At CTP, our plans are informed by thousands of hours of coaching and race experience. We understand what it takes to train for and complete a race, while achieving your goals in the process. Coaching is expensive, and unless your goal is incredibly specific or you are a highly advanced runner, it’s probably unnecessary to meet your race goals.

Who’s behind CTP?

CTP was born after many years of experience using training plans in a variety of races. I’ve successfully competed in dozens of races including the Boston Marathon, Leadville 100 MTB, Espirit Ironman Triathlon, Unbound Gravel, and a large number of half marathons, adventure races, and obstacle races. Training has been a passion of mine and a significant part of my life since I started running cross country in high school.

I believe training and racing can change us at the core and give us confidence to succeed in countless aspects of our lives. CTP’s north star is empowerment. The head and heart rush that comes with crossing a finish line represents the final moment of a very long journey. We want to be there to support your personal journey.

frequently asked questions

Below are just some of the questions we get on a regular basis. If we don’t have the answer here, please use the contact form to connect with us.

How long are your plans?

Plans are between 12 and 24 weeks depending on the race distance and your experience level. We want to train you to be successful, not to cut out important weeks of base-building or to overtrain with unnecessary workouts.

How many days per week do I need to train?

You have a choice. When you fill out our easy proprietary survey, you can decide how many days of training you have available in your schedule, from three to five plus. We then build the plan around your availability.

How do I know what level of runner I am?

We help you define your level in our runner survey. We have 4 distinct levels to choose from. It all depends on your upcoming race and your past race history.

What if I need an easier or harder plan?

Within 2 weeks of receiving your plan, let us know and we will provide an easier or harder plan for your race at no additional cost.

What if my race isn't listed on your site?

Don't worry! We are called Custom Training Plans for a reason. We can build you a plan for any race, just let us know the name in your runner survey.

Have a question for us or one of our coaches?

Send us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Interested in our other projects? Check us out at Lo2No.com, our non-alcoholic beverage review site or Betting on the Wedding (Betthewedding.co), our app to allow guests to have more fun with friendly wagers at weddings!

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