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Our 12K Training Plans

Custom Training Plans are designed around you and your 12K. We take into account variables that no other training plans can match because we know how important it is to achieve your specific 12K training goals.

We provide the customization of coaching at a price closer to free. Don’t get injured with a generic 12K plan that isn’t made for you, get a custom 12K training plan!

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    We know you’re unique. Your 12K training plan should match.

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    Race profile, time of year, and altitude all factor into our 12K plans.

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    Custom 12K plans shouldn’t cost more than the race itself.

About 12K
Training Plans

Running enthusiasts and beginners alike can train more effectively for a 12K race with the right plan. While most weekend runners aren’t trying to win, many are trying to achieve a different type of goal. From racing against your old finishing times to placing well in your age group, following a thorough training plan can help you prepare to run your best race, no matter what your goals may be. Getting ready for a 12K is a serious endeavor for any athlete, and you should seek out a training program that doesn’t skimp on support. Custom Training Plans offers 12K preparation that’s completely personalized and factors in your goals, your present level of fitness, and for many events, the features on the course of your 12K.

12K Training Plans

You’ll need to be dedicated to achieve your goals, so don’t rely on an average 12K training plan. At CTP, our mission is to support athletes of all distances and abilities with customized plans designed just for you. For runners lacing up their shoes for the first time or returning to the sport after an injury, we offer a 14-week couch-to-12K training plan that adds on two weeks of workouts that promote an increase in overall fitness, helping your body get ready to run. Runners who have more experience with racing can start their preparation with our 12-week 12K training plan, customized to meet you at your current fitness level.

It’s well worth investing in a high-quality 12K training plan that’s tailored to fit your needs — and your race, especially if you’re travelling to a bucket-list race. For example, if you’re taking on the Lilac Bloomsday Run, you’ll need to be prepared for its rolling hills. Custom Training Plans looks at each course’s features to help you train effectively for the challenges you’ll face. For hilly courses like these, our 14-week 12K training plans and 12-week 12K training plans include additional hill work to help you prep more effectively, even if you live and train in a flatter area of the country. Want to know more about the advantages of taking part in Custom Training Plans’ personalized 12K training programs? Read on to learn all about our innovative approach to 12K training.


How long does it take to train for a 12K?

For runners who are taking on a 12K as their first race, choosing the proper training plan can be confusing. For example, there are 6-week 12K training plans, 8-week 12K training plans, and 10-week 12K training plans claiming to provide you with a complete approach to your preparation. Taking a shortcut to the start line can finish your race before it can begin. While all runners should seek out a plan that’s designed to build up strength, power, and endurance gradually, choosing a training plan that’s too long can also harm your performance by causing your physical performance to reach its peak before race day.

CTP designs 12K training programs alongside the best athletic trainers in the business, ensuring that all of the details of a great 12K training plan are included. Our experts recommend a 14-week 12K training plan for those going from couch to 12K, and a 12-week 12K training plan is ideal for athletes who have established a solid foundation. There are two additional weeks of training added onto the 14-week couch-to-12K training plan that help runners who are new to the sport get ready to train in earnest.


What are the qualities I should look for in my 12K training plan?

All runners are susceptible to training injuries, so choosing a plan of the correct duration is critical to keeping you injury-free and making progress on your journey to the 12K. Custom Training Plans’ professionally created 12K training programs can help you prepare at a safe pace, reducing the risk of knee problems, shin splints, and other injuries caused by overtraining. On the other hand, undertraining by using a 10K plan leaves you 2K short of the line, impacting your readiness for the all-important finish.

Each of our 12K training programs can be fine-tuned to keep you building the stamina and endurance needed to finish strong. Personalized 14-week 12K training plans and 12-week 12K training plans provide you with guidance that goes beyond what’s offered in more-generalized online 12K plans. After all, average training schedules are created for average athletes, and truthfully, no one’s average. Runners who need extra conditioning to build the fitness they’ll need to train successfully for a 12K find that average plans start with workouts that are too difficult for them, and more advanced racers often won’t find the high-intensity workouts that they need to progress toward their goals.

When you choose to prep for your 12K with a program from Custom Training Plans, you receive so much more guidance than a simple mileage plan. While putting on the miles will be the primary focus of your training, your running workouts need to give you more than just distances. We create specialized running workouts that include strength- and power-building drills like sprints, hill work, speedwork, and intervals to lay a foundation of endurance. The variety provided by personalized running workouts can help you to avoid a fitness plateau too.

However, performing your best at your chosen 12K means you also need to prep using methods that seem unrelated to running at all. Additional variety (and fun!) makes for a well-rounded 14-week 12K training plan or 12-week 12K training plan. Custom Training Plans incorporates cross-training days where you’ll take part in any cardio you like, whether that’s swimming, bicycling, or even dancing. In addition to cross-training, your plan will include mobility exercises and strength training that build power, protect your joints, and support overall stability. Rest days are also a vital part of any plan, letting you and your legs recover and relax.


What’s the average finishing time for a 12K runner?

A first-time runner should be proud to finish in less than 90 minutes — that’s an average of 12:00 per minute, an achievable pace for most athletes. Advanced running enthusiasts may decide to set even higher goals, like a target finish time of 60 minutes or less. However, it’s important to remember that you can only get out of your 12K training what you put into it. Following a 14-week 12K training program or 12-week 12K training program from Custom Training Plans gives you a chance to reach for your goals, no matter what your target may be.

Aspects such as the 12K race’s expected weather and course will also affect your strategy. If you’re using a 14-week 12K training plan to prepare for a summertime race in the south, CTP will factor that into your training in order to help you avoid turning in a disappointing performance. We prepare you for the 12K course you’re going to run — whether it’s hilly, flat, or rocky. Even our distance-specific 12-week 12K training plans can be customized to meet you wherever you are in order to get you to the finish with no unwelcome surprises.


History of the 12K

The 12K, while less ubiquitous than other race distances, has left a discernible footprint in the annals of running history, particularly due to its association with certain hallmark events.

Bay to Breakers in San Francisco stands out as the most iconic 12K event. Established in 1912 as a way to uplift city morale after the devastating 1906 earthquake, it’s more than just a race – it’s a historic celebration of the city’s resilience and spirit. Over the years, it has evolved from a pure athletic competition to a vibrant spectacle, characterized by colorful costumes, “centipede” team runners, and a lively post-race festival.

While the 12K may not have the widespread global appeal of other distances, there have been sporadic events across various continents. The uniqueness of the distance often makes it an attractive option for race organizers looking to offer something different.

The history of the 12K, as with other races, has been accompanied by an evolution in training methodologies. Early participants often relied on anecdotal advice or adopted longer distance training regimes, truncating them to suit the 12K. As the distance gained some traction, more specialized approaches to 12K training emerged, recognizing the race’s specific demands – a blend of the speed of 10K races with the slightly increased endurance of longer runs.

In the modern era of running, where customization is key, the 12K offers a distinctive challenge. The rise of technology and sports science has allowed for more detailed and personalized training plans, catering to varied fitness levels and goals. This granularity in training preparation acknowledges the 12K’s unique place in distance running and the need for a dedicated approach.

The 12K’s legacy is intricately woven with historic events like the Bay to Breakers. Its endurance appeal, nestled between the swift 10K and longer half-marathon, offers both novices and seasoned runners a distinctive challenge. And as its footprint grows, albeit subtly, in the global running landscape, the quest for mastering the 12K continues, backed by evolving training methodologies and an appreciation for its place in running history.


High-quality 12K training for runners of all levels

Custom Training Plans believes that your 12-week 12K training program or 14-week 12K training program should consider your present physical fitness level, previous running race experience, and the specific terrain of the 12K you’re going to be running. Average plans don’t take any of these factors into consideration or offer you any guidance or support. On the other hand, personalized training plans give you a comprehensive and thoughtful way to prepare as you progress toward race day. Plus, our plans are developed by professional athletic trainers, so you can trust you’re getting the best preparation available. With CTP’s complete 12K plans for both novice and expert runners, you can build fitness, train safely, and access the tools you need to boost your speed and endurance.


Make your next 12K an event to remember with Custom Training Plans

Whether you’re running the famous Bay to Breakers race with thousands of other costumed revelers or competing against your own best time at a local 12K, following a program from Custom Training Plans is a great way to prepare. We’ve developed the best 14-week couch-to-12K plan that’s designed to get your training off on the right foot and a 12-week 12K training plan that provides you with the guidance you need as you race for your goals. Whether you use a race-specific 12K plan or our personalized general 12K training plan, Custom Training Plans can accompany you on your 12K journey from start to finish.

In the end, the results of any training plan you use will ultimately depend on your dedication to the program. At Custom Training Plans, we provide comprehensive, customized 12K programs that give you advantages that average plans just don’t provide. When you’re ready to get started on a customized plan that’s tailored to your needs, get your 12K training program from Custom Training Plans.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your plan package:

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How Training Plans Work

How it works

  1. Complete our proprietary runner questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
  2. Your custom 12K Training Plan is built based advanced analytics with personalized coaching oversight.
  3. Receive your custom 12K Training Plan, lifting + mobility guide, a letter from our coaches, and more within 24 hours.
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Our method

  1. Certified Coaches

    With the expertise of USATF certified coaches and physical therapists, we built an advanced model to weigh the effects of runner-specific variables on training outcomes.

  2. Custom Race Profile

    We analyzed unique characteristics of hundreds of races across the country to build a “race profile” into our model that accounts for elevation gain, altitude, time of year, and more.

  3. Training Plan Model

    Our model generates a unique training plan for you and your race, and all plans are reviewed by a coach and hand-tweaked before they make their way to you.