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Marine Corps Marathon
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Custom Training Plans are designed around you and the Marine Corps Marathon course. We take into account variables that no other training plans can match because we know how important it is to achieve your specific Marine Corps Marathon goals.

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The Marine Corps Marathon has been held since 1976 on the last Sunday in October. This event offers not just one, but three distances: a 10K, full marathon, and 50K. The races are open to anyone, and today, over 26,000 participants take part in at least one distance. Sometimes called the "Marathon of the Monuments," the course offers runners a tour of Washington, D.C.'s most well-known sites. No matter what distance you are registered for, it is important to prepare. Custom Training Plans offers Marine Corps Marathon training plans that are customized for runners at any experience level. We also offer Marine Corps 10K training plans and Marine Corps 50K training plans. Our CTP Marine Corps Marathon training plans can guide you through race prep that's customized to your current level of fitness and the features of the course itself. Each unique training plan is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength and endurance with workouts that are tailored to an intensity level that's right for you.

Marine Corps Marathon Training Plan

October in D.C. can present all sorts of weather possibilities, but the race is generally held on a cool, lovely fall day with refreshing breezes coming off the Potomac. One thing that the Marine Corps Marathon is well-known for is its route, which threads through Georgetown, the National Mall, and Crystal City. Starting and finishing in Arlington National Cemetery, the route is lined with 150,000 spectators, including many servicemen and women. The Marine Corps Marathon is also very popular for first-timers: more than a third of the field make their marathon debut at this race.

The 10K route starts on the National Mall in front of the National Gallery of Art. The route heads toward the U.S. Capitol building before making a U-turn toward the river, past the Smithsonian. The majority of the route is flat, but there are a few elevation changes that you’ll need to be prepared for. Runners face the first hill as the race crosses the Potomac, where they will see the Jefferson Memorial to their right as they climb and descend the bridge. After a brief tour of Crystal City, the course heads north to pass the Pentagon. A CTP Marine Corps 10K training plan will prepare you with workouts that can help you reach the finish at the top of the hill in Arlington National Cemetery with speed and power.

If you’re training for the Marine Corps Marathon or 50K, CTP’s got a training plan for you too. Generic Marine Corps Marathon training plans are typically structured with just one thing in mind: mileage. At Custom Training Plans, we incorporate workouts that are geared to help you gain the type of power you need to overcome three miles of aggressive elevation at the very beginning of the course and the endurance you’ll need as the road flattens out and winds past D.C.’s most famous monuments.

The 50K and marathon courses are identical, save for an out-and-back section after mile 4 that sends the 50K course north along the Potomac. Both races will run the Blue Mile at the south end of Parque East Potomac. This section of the route honors the Marines who have lost their lives serving our country. Their portraits line the road for a full mile, providing inspiration and motivation to runners. As the race continues on, runners take a tour of the National Mall and its landmarks before crossing into Virginia to pass by Crystal City and the Pentagon to the final rise at the finish in Arlington National Cemetery.

When you choose Custom Training Plans, you get so much more than a generic “run X miles on day X” mileage schedule. We help you prepare with a 20-week Marine Corps Marathon training plan that takes a comprehensive approach to preparation. In addition to keeping you on track with your mileage, we provide customized running workouts that help you build the type of strength you need for the race you’re about to run. Interval training, sprints, and hill repeats are all among the running workouts you’ll take part in on your way to Washington, D.C. Our 20-week Marine Corps Marathon training plans incorporate mobility work, cross-training, and strength training that complement your mileage. For those who are motivated to go from couch to marathon, we also have a 24-week Marine Corps Marathon training plan that provides an additional four weeks of conditioning.

Each year, thousands of people finish their first running race. Whether you’re starting with the Marine Corps 10K or tackling the 50K, Custom Training Plans can help. We’ll get you race-ready with a Marine Corps 10K training plan, a Marine Corps Marathon training plan, or a Marine Corps 50K training plan. Every one of our training programs has been developed alongside professional athletic trainers for runners at any level. Whether you’re a 10K novice or a seasoned ultramarathoner, we’re ready to assist you. Get your customized 20-week Marine Corps Marathon training plan today.

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How it works

  1. Complete our proprietary runner questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
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