Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K Training Plans

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Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K Training Plans

Custom Training Plans are designed around you and the Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K course. We take into account variables that no other training plans can match because we know how important it is to achieve your specific Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K goals.

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Each year in late November, thousands of runners come together to take part in the Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K. The Philadelphia Marathon is unique in that it offers a variety of races over the course of the weekend - and many different ways to combine the fun. If you're up for a challenge, there are several different ways to push your limits. You can combine the 8K and half marathon in the Patriot Challenge, the 8K and full marathon in the Independence Challenge, tackle the full and half marathon in the Liberty Bell Challenge, or take part in the Freedom Challenge - the 8K, half marathon, and full marathon!

Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K Training Plan

Whether you’re running your first 8K or taking part in the full Freedom Challenge, you’ll want to be prepared. Custom Training Plans offers Philadelphia Marathon training plans that are customized for runners of all experience levels at each distance. We also offer Philadelphia Half Marathon training plans and Philadelphia 8K training plans that help you prepare for specific course features. When you train properly for the climbs, you can take advantage of the descents. CTP Philly Marathon training plans can help you train at the right pace for you — and avoid the injuries that over- and undertraining can cause.

The cool November weather and relatively flat Philly course make for a race that’s both PR-friendly and kind to racing novices. The marathon course starts on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, passing Logan Circle, the Franklin Institute, and the Barnes Museum, all within the first quarter-mile. Then, the course turns onto Arch Street. The racers pass Independence Mall, the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin’s burial site, and the United States Mint. The Ben Franklin Bridge oversees a steep downhill at mile 2, and then racers face a little kicker at mile 3. It’s important that your training takes a race’s terrain into account, but the free Philadelphia marathon training plans you can find online are generic. Using a Custom Training Plans Philadelphia Marathon training schedule prepares you for course features like hills and descents, which can help you be ready for everything your race will throw at you.

If you’re training for the 8K, you won’t face the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon’s largest climbs (but if you’re thinking of increasing your distance next year, try a Philadelphia Half Marathon training plan!). The two steepest hills are between miles 8 and 9 – and the climb at mile 9 is topped off with another kick right before mile 10. These types of climbs, particularly during long races, can be downright demoralizing if you haven’t prepared properly. Whether you’re a veteran marathoner or experiencing your first 26.2, CTP’s Philadelphia Marathon training plans help you build strength and endurance so you can tackle these midway milestones feeling like you’ve got plenty of gas left in the tank.

Half marathon participants turn off before the full marathon route proceeds along the Schuylkill River between miles 12 and 26. The long stretch next to the river is an opportunity to get some quick miles under your belt, and preparing for your race with our Philadelphia Marathon training plan can get you ready to take advantage of November’s friendly temperatures and Philly’s riverside terrain. Then at mile 26, it’s all uphill to the finish, where thousands of cheering spectators are waiting to pump you up in front of the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

When you prepare with Custom Training Plans, you don’t just get a generic “run X miles on day X week X” training schedule. We help you prepare with a 20-week Philadelphia Marathon training plan that provides so much more than a mileage schedule (though, of course, we’ll keep you on track with your miles too). With Custom Training Plans, you’ll get running workouts that are targeted at increasing cardiovascular strength through interval training, sprints, and hill repeats. Our 20-week Philadelphia marathon training plans incorporate strength training, cross-training, and mobility work that complement the running workouts. If you’re looking to go from couch to marathon, we offer a 24-week Philadelphia Marathon training plan that provides additional conditioning. Our plans don’t leave you wondering why you’re doing what you’re doing — we explain how every workout contributes to your overall marathon goals.

There are millions of people who choose to race marathons and half marathons every year, and if you want to become one of them, Custom Training Plans can help. If you’re preparing for the 8K, the Philadelphia Half Marathon or Marathon, or any of the Philly Marathon challenges, try our customized training plans. Each training schedule has been developed by experts for runners at every level, whether you’re a half marathon distance beginner or an experienced racer. We’re confident that we have a plan that can work for you. Consider a customized 20-week Philadelphia Marathon training plan from Custom Training Plans today.

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How Training Plans Work

How it works

  1. Complete our proprietary runner questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
  2. Your custom Philadelphia Marathon, Half Marathon, and Rothman Institute 8K plan is built based on advanced analytics with expert coaching oversight.
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