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Star Wars Rival Run
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Custom Training Plans are designed around you and the Star Wars Rival Run course. We take into account variables that no other training plans can match because we know how important it is to achieve your specific Star Wars Rival Run goals.

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Star Wars Rival Run Weekend is the answer to the question "What do you get when you combine two of the most passionate fan bases in the world?" Star Wars fans and running enthusiasts alike will find much to love about runDisney's newest annual event. Custom Training Plans can help you prepare for your race with a customized pre-race program that trains you for the race you're targeting. We offer Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon training plans, Star Wars Rival Run 10K training plans, and Star Wars Rival Run 5K training plans - each of which can be personalized to complement your current fitness level, your race goals, and more.</p>

<p>In Mid-April of each year, more than 23,000 people come to Orlando to take part in one (or more!) races during Star Wars Rival Run Weekend. In addition to the 5K, 10K, and half marathon, runners can also opt to take part in the Star Wars Rival Run Challenge. This challenge combines two days and almost 20 miles of racing, with the Star Wars Rival Run 10K on Saturday and the Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon on Sunday. Whatever your goals may be, CTP can help you get to the finish line feeling prepared to defeat the Dark Side.

Star Wars Rival Run Training Plan

Every race that’s run during the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend features Star Wars characters, music, and other themed surprises along the way. The festivities begin on Friday with the 5K. The entirety of this course is centered around Epcot. Runners start in the Epcot parking lot and head around the west side of the property before entering the park. The route exits Epcot toward the lagoon, where the course follows World Showcase around the lagoon and back toward the front of Epcot and the finish line.

On Saturday, the Star Wars Rival Run 10K begins near the Palm Golf Course. When runners take off, they’ll enjoy a long, flat section of road headed south toward Epcot. The road loops to send the pack east at the 2-mile mark, and runners will be over halfway home before they enter the Epcot grounds. After circling the World Showcase area next to the lagoon, the route heads into the finishing stretch. The final mile of the race will bring you past Epcot’s signature Spaceship Earth ride to the finish line in front of the park.

The weekend’s festivities are capped off with the Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon on Sunday. Runners gather near the Palm Golf Course for an early start, meant to help runners beat the hot, humid April conditions. After leaving the start line, the course winds south toward Animal Kingdom, Disney’s zoological theme park. There, the route winds past “floating mountains,” waterfalls, and jungle trails. The course heads past Blizzard Beach Water Park on its way to Hollywood Studios and the mammoth Star Wars Galaxy area, including Star Wars Launch Bay.

This stretch meanders along the park roads that pass by the old-style Hollywood studios before heading toward Epcot and the finish line. One of the most scenic stretches of the race is here, in the final few miles run along the lakeshore of Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club. When runners arrive at Epcot, they’ll run past all 11 World Showcase pavilions before finishing in front of Spaceship Earth.

Orlando’s flat terrain makes any of the weekend’s races a great choice for both beginners and experienced racers, but preparation matters. Every runner can benefit from training plans designed to avoid injuries and DNFs caused by undertraining for critical course features. At CTP, we design Star Wars Rival Run training plans for the 5K, 10K, and half marathon that factor in more than just your current fitness level and your goals. Our training plans also include workouts that help you take advantage of the course itself. For example, race-pace workouts can help you avoid running too fast during the first half so you’re less likely to burn out or cramp before you finish.

In addition to Star Wars Rival Run 5K training plans and Star Wars Rival Run 10K training plans, we offer two different options for runners interested in the half marathon. The first is a 12-week Star Wars Rival Run training plan for those who have already established a fitness baseline, and it can be personalized for athletes of all levels. Those who aspire to go from “couch to half marathon” might choose the 20-week Star Wars Rival Run training plan. This program provides you with an additional 8 weeks of conditioning to help you prepare to train. No matter which option you choose, every custom plan includes workouts of an intensity level appropriate for you. Trust Custom Training Plans to help you prepare with a Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon training program made to fit you.

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How Training Plans Work

How it works

  1. Complete our proprietary runner questionnaire so we can get to know you better.
  2. Your custom Star Wars Rival Run plan is built based on advanced analytics with expert coaching oversight.
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