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10 Most Beautiful Races in America

Most beautiful running races in America

Running is one of the best ways to fitness. Running can improve your health and keeps you in shape. It can also create many new experiences. We can run anywhere: through cities, the woods, or traveling far from home. Many races have become very popular destinations over the years and some courses are simply stunning. If you are looking to participate in a race, here are 10 of the most beautiful races in America.

  1. Hood to Coast Relay
Hood To Coast Relay

The Hood to Coast Relay is a 3.4 to 7.8-mile staged relay race across the state of Oregon held annually every August. At a 36-hour time limit, the race is almost 200 miles! Don’t pass up this most beautiful race for incredible views along the way. Since 1982, The Hood to Coast Relay has been gathering running teams to finish the race together and so nobody will be alone. Not only are you competing in a running race, but this race has been known for retrieving any recyclable waste that is found on the ground. Good for your health and the environment!  It is very important that you train sufficiently for this race as The Hood to Coast Relay is known for being a real challenge. In the end, participants have commented that the race was worth it for an adventure.

  1. Crow Pass Crossing Trail Race

The Crow Pass Crossing Trail Race is a 22-mile race located in Alaska’s Chuhack Park, and was first held in 1984. This July race has you running over mountaintops passing by unmelted snow, rocky hills, along a cliffside, and through forest trails. For this race, all runners must have accessible gear such as gloves, hydration packs, and layers of clothes. Participants must be self-sufficient, following unmarked paths. Sufficient training for this race is a must. The course includes climbing up a 2100’ mountain and even running through a large, cold river. Despite that, Crow Pass Crossing is a beautiful race. It is worth the adventure and unique challenges.

  1. New River Marathon

The New River Marathons ranges from a 4 mile race to the full 26.2 miles and is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, North Carolina. This is considered one of the most beautiful races for participants. The route takes runners through gorgeous settings overlooking rivers, navigating green plains of grass, and running along the banks of the historic new river in Fleetwood and Todd, NC. The support staff is set up at stations every two miles to support participants who have questions or need of a break. Participants have the option to run a marathon, half-marathon, 4-mile or 1-mile. Even if you are not participating, spectators can watch the race while catching a view on the landscape. The New River Marathon is worth every minute to experience an adventure and a new challenge.

  1. Covered Bridges Half Marathon

The Covered Bridges Half Marathon is named as one of the best races in America. Located in Woodstock, Vermont this 13.1-mile community race takes place each summer. It is one of the most beautiful races and lives up to its name. This race takes in Vermont’s beautiful scenery, focused on its covered bridges. Get registered asap because it sells out fast. The course can be considered difficult with several large hills. That doesn’t stop runners from experiencing mountains, country backroads, and rivers. Volunteers are around to aid runners, supporting them with words of encouragement and providing refreshments.

  1. Niagara Falls International Marathon

The Niagara Falls International Marathon takes place each year Buffalo, New York. Who could pass up an opportunity to run while taking in the sightseeing at Niagara Falls, one of the greatest waterfalls? Aside from marathon participants, runners can either do a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or a relay. The marathon starts at 9:00 am and from then on it’s running along glorious settings, including trees coming into fall colors. What’s a race without a challenge? Be aware that the Niagara Falls Marathon is typically very windy. 

  1. The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon in the United States, starting in 1897! The Boston Marathon is difficult to qualify for, but there are also spots for runners who fundraise for a variety of charities. The race happens every year in April and is considered the premier marathon in the United States, making it one of the most popular races for both participants and spectators. The race starts in Hopkinton, MA going through Ashland, Natick, Heartbreak Hill until eventually ending on Boylston Street in downtown Boston. Boston is a big city with sights to see, so spend a few days soaking in the whole experience. While the race may have its challenges, running along the streets of Boston is worth every moment of this unforgettable adventure. Make sure that you are in shape, especially to get up Heartbreak Hill. You don’t want to miss this spectacular event.

  1. Walt Disney World Marathon

The Walt Disney World Marathon takes place every January. This race goes through all four Disney theme parks. The race is considered to be one of the most beautiful races because who could pass up a trip to Walt Disney World? Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and every Disney character is here to support you. Starting at 5:00 am the race is filled with entertainment from start to finish. Participants receive a shirt, a Mickey Mouse finisher ear hat, and a downloadable finisher certificate. During the Walt Disney World Marathon’s annual race weekend, there are also races for children, a Thursday 5K, Friday 10K and Saturday half marathon before Sunday’s marathon. Better sign up quickly, the race sells out fast in this magical world of imagination.

  1. Napa Valley Marathon

The Napa Valley Marathon takes place in March starting in Calistoga, California, moving through area vineyards in St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville and Yountville on the historic Silverado Trail. In 2013, the Napa Valley Marathon was voted by the Road Runners Club in America as the best road race in the country. A half-marathon and a 5K are also offered to participants. It is known for its beautiful scenery passing through vineyards, and past wine estates! Don’t be tempted to have a glass during the race. There are plenty of wineries, spas, and restaurants to visit both before and after the race.

  1. Chicago Hot Chocolate Run

The Chicago Hot Chocolate Run is both a 15k and 5k race running through various cities across the U.S taking place in November. It was the largest race in 2013! Participating in the Chicago race gives you a chance to see many of Chicago’s spectacular attractions. The course was beautifully designing, running along streets, through parks, and other memorable sights. Of course, hot chocolate is served at aid stations for participants to keep up with their motivation and warmth. Expect some marshmallows, too. Make sure that you look at the weather before race day, as it can be frigid. Don’t let the weather stop you, though. Whether you’re a fast or a slow runner does not make a difference, you will still be rewarded with hot chocolate.

  1. Carlsbad 5000

The Carlsbad 5000 was established in 1986. Located in Carlsbad, California, participants get a view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The race actually runs along the ocean for 2 full miles!  The Carlsbad 5000 features different races for participants all ages and abilities. The race including masters, age groupers, party people, and the world’s fastest elites! There are many spectators to help cheer you on. Don’t take off right when the race comes to an end; join the after-party at a beer garden to have pizza, listen to music and fun stories from the race.

Enter one of these beautiful running races to experience not only a gorgeous landscape but to give yourself a challenge. We know that running is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, before saying that you have no desire to run, try it out. You don’t have to race to win. Do it for the experience.