9 Running Hacks to Keep You Motivated

Running Hacks for Motivation

We run for all sorts of reasons: race training, fitness, fun, and more. But even those of us who absolutely love to run have days where it’s difficult to motivate ourselves and get out the door. Maybe you stayed up too late catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or you just got up on the wrong side of the bed. It happens to everybody.

While motivation can fluctuate, you don’t need to let it control your workout regimen. You can take deliberate steps to ensure that you still get in a workout even if you don’t really want to. One of the most effective ways to keep yourself moving forward is to follow a running training plan that’s made just for you. Custom Training Plans offers race-specific running race training plans and distance-based race training plans that can help you stay on track, even during foul weather (or foul moods).

Whenever you’re tempted to skip your workout because of rain, cold, or just the irresistible lure of a comfy couch, try one of these 9 tips that you can plan out for those low motivation days to keep you lacing up your shoes and hitting the trails. 

  • Keep Moving

Keep your body in motion, even on your rest days. This can help you maintain your forward momentum. Every runner should be engaging in cross-training — exercises like yoga, strength training, swimming, and even some recreational tennis or pick up basketball can keep you in the right mindset and set you up for great runs when it’s time to hit the road.

  • Get Dressed

For early-morning runners, dress for your run right away as soon as you wake up. Make it a habit you don’t even think about. You might even sleep in your running clothes if they’re comfy enough. After-work athletes, try the same concept by putting your running clothes on before you have the chance to sit down at home. 

  • Timing Isn’t Everything

Don’t be a clock-watcher. Your run isn’t going to go any faster if you stare at your watch, and it can be disappointing to see how much time has actually elapsed, especially if you aren’t feeling your workout that day.

  • Parse It Out

Divide the distance. Think of each section as a single unit, making it easier to convince yourself that your run is almost done. You can split your run into miles, half-miles, minutes, or even from streetlight to streetlight — whatever distance is right for your mood that day.

  • Have Your Jams Ready

Save your best tunes for your workout. Research shows that athletes who work out to music turn in better performances than those who don’t. Build up playlists of your favorite tunes by beats per minute, or BPM. Try songs with a BPM of 100-120 for a long, steady run, and 160-180 for your interval days. 

  • Reward Yourself

You deserve it! Whether it’s a pair of new shorts you’ve had your eye on for some time now or a special smoothie on the way home, the knowledge that you’re getting a little treat can go a long way toward getting you out the door.

  • Get Social

Join a running club that meets up each week. It’s a great way to spend time outside with like-minded folks. Some club runs even end at a coffee shop or a brewpub, folding some fun into your fitness. 

  • Follow a Training Plan 

Look for a personalized plan that’s developed by professionals that includes guidance on cross-training, mobility exercises, and even rest days. Running training plans keep you accountable for every workout, encouraging you to get out there every day. Custom Training Plans is ready to help you stay on track.

  • Think About the Outcomes

When all else fails, remember how good you’re going to feel afterward. Runner’s high is a real thing! Twenty minutes into your run, the endorphins will kick in and you’ll be glad you got out there. 

Running isn’t always easy, and we understand exactly how those days feel. CTP’s customized running training programs can help you go from “Blah.” to “Hurrah!”, whether you’re getting ready for a specific running race at an event like the Peachtree Road Race or you’re looking for a training program based on distances from a 5K to a full marathon. Our customized plans can accommodate your current fitness, your goals, and your schedule — and can even help to inspire you to get up and go. Pick up a running training plan from Custom Training Plans today.