How to Train for Long-Distance Running


When you’re looking to increase your distance, you may wonder if there’s a particular long-distance running training plan that can help you rack up the miles. The truth is, there’s no single plan that’s appropriate for all runners. Whether you’re adding more miles to your regular running regimen or coming straight from the couch, Custom Training Plans provides personalized running programs that can help athletes of all abilities go the distance.

When choosing your running training plan, there are a variety of aspects to consider. While it’s tempting to use a generic half marathon training plan or marathon training plan, this approach can leave you at risk for burnout or an injury that can stop your training in its tracks. If your goal is to go from couch-to-half-marathon, you’re going to need a different long-distance running training plan than a daily runner who’s already got some race training under their belt.


Work Your Way Up To Running Long Distances

To avoid overtraining and potential injury, you need to start with shorter distances and work your way up. Using a customized program designed by professional athletic trainers can help you build endurance and cardiovascular health gradually, allowing your body to adjust to the additional distance. If you’re just starting out or returning to the trails after a long break, CTP’s couch-to-marathon and half marathon training plans include weeks of additional conditioning work that can help you get ready to train.

When you’re training for long-distance running, it’s critical to seek out a plan that provides you with more than a mileage schedule. A high-quality long-distance running training plan gives you guidance on workouts for runners that support your overall ability to increase your mileage while ensuring you get the proper rest as well. Cross-training activities like rowing and swimming give your joints a break and keep you active on days without running workouts, and strength training for long-distance running is an effective way to increase your power. Mobility exercises like stretching and yoga should also be included. These activities strengthen your flexibility and freedom of movement.


Choose the Right Long Distance Running Training Plan

Naturally, all training for long-distance running will require a good deal of running. However, it’s important to add variety to your workout regimen. If the only change you make is increasing your distance, you’re at risk for burnout — and if you’re aiming for a particular event, you could arrive at the start line woefully underprepared. Selecting a long-distance running training plan that takes your current fitness into consideration is key. Good plans include interval work, form-refining sprints, and power-building hill repeats keeps you on your toes, making the miles fly by as you continue to build toward your goals.

No matter the distance you’re targeting, Custom Training Plans has a long-distance running training plan for you. We offer personalized half marathon training plans and marathon training plans that can be tailored to your needs — and, in many cases, even your race. We’re committed to creating training plans for runners of all abilities that can help you get to the finish line safely and successfully. If you’re ready to get started, choose your professionally developed program from Custom Training Plans today.