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Tips for Running on Vacation

Vacation is a time for exploration and relaxation, and if you’re a runner, you can double down on both. Whatever your goals may be, Custom Training Plans can help you stay on track with your running goals while enjoying a family vacation or prepare you for a trip that’s centered on an important race. 

All types of athletes can reap the benefits of running on vacation, whether you spend your time off embarking on a solo trail running vacation, trekking with an organized running vacation package, or traveling to a new region to snag your BQ. Customized training plans are a must when it comes to preparing for races requiring travel, and personalized plans help you to keep up your regular routine. 

Here are a few tips to keep you running on vacation, especially if you’re training for a race during a vacation with less of an emphasis on athletics.

  • Commit to waking up early. Whether you’re on a work trip or a family vacation, set your alarm and get your run in early. It helps to have your run done and dusted before the day starts, letting you focus on the day ahead and not when you’re going to get your run in.
  • Choose lodging that’s runner-friendly. Business trips can throw a wrench into your training plans with early flights and late meetings. If you have the option of choosing your hotel, select a location that supplies guests with workout clothes and guidance on routes.
  • Do your research. If you’ve got running friends in the area you’re headed to, get in touch. Ask about any can’t-miss routes nearby or plan a run together. Those rolling solo can make the most of technology by previewing routes using apps like Strava and AllTrails.
  • Keep your training plan light. If you are in the middle of training for a longer race, try to time your trip during a lighter week. Using a training plan that can adjust to your schedule can help you plan so you can maximize your vacation time.

Runners of any level can benefit from using a customized training plan, whether you’re running on vacation or taking a running vacation. Flexibility is key in any training program. For athletes traveling to a special race, using a customized running vacation training schedule can help to ensure you’ll be at your best at the perfect time. Using a personalized plan that takes your current level of fitness, goals, and even schedule into account can help you keep moving toward your running goals, no matter where you are.

For runners, R&R can indeed translate to “running and relaxation”. Custom Training Plans can help you get there with a personalized training plan. Whether you’re preparing for a running race vacation at an event like the Surf City Half Marathon or you need a training program for a specific distance from 5K to a full marathon, choose a plan that can accommodate your needs, fitness, and schedule. Pick up a running vacation training plan from Custom Training Plans today.